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Skechers Arch Fit: S-Miles - Mile Makers women's sneakers are with you all day long with plain and lean style! Thanks to it, it has a very stylish and spacious lace-up sneakers design using smooth single-color synthetic leather.Skechers Arch Fit: You will fill the eyes with your effortless elegance by wearing S-Miles - Mile Makers women's sneakers with all your clothes. Its most striking feature is that it is falsified by Arch Fit insole technology, which has been approved and patented by foot experts. This special Arch Fit belt that allows your feet to relax by distributing the force your foot exerts on the ground more accurately With its support, you feel unique softness on your feet at every step.Skechers Arch Fit:S-Miles - Mile Makers is provided with increased shoes handling thanks to the flexible rubber material used on the outsole of women's sneakers. Thus, it is intended to take more robust and comfortable steps on all kinds of floors. If you are looking for a comfortable shoe that you will be comfortable all day long, Skechers Arch Fit: S-Miles - Mile Makers women's sneakers may be the right choice for you.


  • Thanks to it, smooth synthetic leather with perforated details was used.
  • Flexible rubber outsole providing ground handling was used.
  • Skechers logo detail is available.
  • Shoe design that provides comfort throughout the day
  • Removable comfortable Arch Fit insole technology designed for walking comfort with belt support approved by foot diseases specialists has been used.
  • It has the shape developed by foot experts with 20 years of data and 120,000 weightless foot scans.
  • The insole has a removable feature.